300 Years! Time to Celebrate

as Virginia Baptists

In May 1714 English Baptists sent the first minister to the colony

and he helped plant the first Baptist church in Virginia. 

For 300 years there has been a continuous Baptist presence in Virginia. 

Join Baptists as they celebrate at two events in May.

7:30 p.m., Friday, May 16

An Evening of Remembrance & Thanksgiving

Grand music, historical addresses and presentations

at River Road Baptist Church, 8000 River Rd., Richmond

Free and Open to the Public.  Bring a group from your church.

The meeting also will be the annual meeting of the Virginia Baptist Historical Society.


10-4, Saturday, May 17

Heritage Festival

Held Outdoors/Indoors on the beautiful campus

of the University of Richmond which was built

exactly 100 years ago by Virginia Baptists.

A Fun Day for Children of All Ages

Celebrate the accomplishments of Virginia Baptists 

across three centuries as we give the Glory to God!

Exhibits - Entertainments - Music - Historical Exhibits

A great "outing" for children, youth, women's groups, senior adults - everybody in the church.  


10 - 4 Exhibits open

Children's Puppet Show performance at

11:00, 12:15, and 1:00

Heritage Discoveries All Day for Children

Senior Choir of St. Peter Baptist Church

performance at 11:30

Doctors of Jazz - performance at 2:00



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